About Us

ZEMU Venture Capital is an emerging cross-border venture capital institution. Established by several angel investors with backgrounds in internet, smart cities, IoT, AI and biotech.

ZEMU Venture Capital has set up branches in Hong Kong and Shanghai to seek unique and vibrant global startups that are lead by forward thinking entrepreneurs who are looking to thrive in emerging markets.

We are inspired to see entrepreneurship develop, grow and succeed. As a company formed by several angel investors, we are inspired to help in the creation of international startups whether big or small. ZEMU founders are diverse and come with over 15 years of combined experience in cross border markets and the Chinese marketplace. This provides a unique zeal to engage with founders and startups from every part of the world.

We Are

  • Zealous

    Only with dreams and enthusiasm can we create a better future!

  • Earnest

    Sincerely treat every investor and entrepreneur!

  • Manifold

    Diversified team, diversified portfolio!

  • Unwavering

    Firmly believe and forge ahead!